As torso candles became more popular in 2020, I noticed a gap in the market for transgender torsos. As I searched for bodies that looked more like mine and my friends, I struggled to find any - so decided to make some. 

I got in contact with a few companies who specialised in creating moulds and 3D models in an attempt to do the rest by myself, however I kept being met with "we don't do that here". I became more aware that I was sharing something so sensitive with so many strangers, so I started searching for queer creatives who I knew would treat it with sensitivity. 

I found Nate through a mutual on twitter asked if this was something he would be interested, and without hesitation he agreed! 

I provided Nate with two of my most popular drawings, asking him to create two 10cm torsos which could then be moulded with different materials such as resin and wax.

Male and Female.JPG

Nate created two incredible torsos (even including tiny stitches across the trans masculine chest), and a bundle of silicone moulds which we (mostly Nate) have worked together to perfect over time! 

In the future I hope to bring out different body shapes, with selections of colours and scents!