Using a combination of traditional cross hatching, and modern digital art, I try to create pieces that create a sense of empowerment in the viewer. 


Often, realistic life art is centred around white, non-disabled, cisgender bodies which can leave entire demographics feeling erased from history. I want to create art that reflects and celebrates all types of bodies, with a focus on transgender and queer identities. 


"Leo has hit the ground running, consistently creating bespoke images for My Genderation, helping to grow our socials and engage with our broad community. We are thrilled to have Leo as part of the team, who has worked above and beyond every month, to deliver new work. His images have also transferred well to our POD store, to help generate more income for our non-profit organisation. "

Fox Fisher

Co-founder and director of My Genderation CIC

"Leo's style is so pristine and detailed and he captures trans bodies so perfectly." 


Etsy customer